DevIgnition 2016 Date Announced!

The next DevIgnition will be held April 29, 2016, once again at the fantastic AOL Conference Center in Dulles, VA.

The theme for this year will be Emerging Technologies, the new languages, techniques, and frameworks that power modern software developers. DevIgnition will feature the leaders of the DC Tech community to present technologies that are changing software development.

We will issue a Call for Presentations and begin selling tickets very soon.

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Our Organizers Thank You!

Azarias Reda speaking at DevIgnition 2014 - Elephant Talk! Thanks attendees, for making our first Elephant Talk event great (our fifth DevIgnition!). It made all our efforts worth doing. Your enthusiasm helped in a big way to make our conference a huge success!

Doug Cutting speaking at DevIgnition 2014 - Elephant Talk! Thank you speakers, for creating wonderful presentations and sharing them with us. You were each excellent, and exceeded all of our expectations. The overwhelmingly positive comments we received from our attendees showed us that we found the right speakers.

Thank you AOL, BTI360, Solution Street, and Appian, for your support, even sending a significant number of your technical employees. We are especially grateful that our sponsors get our event and participate actively.

See you all next year! In the meanwhile, enjoy our videos.

Ho! Ho! Hadoop!

Doug Cutting Dr. Kirk Borne On Dasher, on Dancer, Hadoop, Storm!
On Accumulo, on Solr, Spark, and Lucene!

The holidays are here and the Elephant Talk speaker line up is our present. We must have been good, because we'll have lots of great tech talks this year!

From the our opening keynote from the creator of Hadoop, Doug Cutting, to our closing keynote from Dr. Kirk D. Borne on the future of Big Data education, we will pack the day with great tech talks. We'll have talks on converting to Spark, searching with Lucene and Solr, Vagrant and Docker, Graph Analysis, using Spark to analysing neural data, tuning linux for Hadoop, how Big Data was used to win the mid-term elections, and a bunch more!

And afterwards, we will gather at the watering hole to discuss how awesome Elephant Talk was!

Welcome Silver Sponsor BTI360!

BTI360 Welcome Silver sponsor BTI360. Here is what you should know about them!

We're a team of engineers who love crafting cool software that solves hard problems. BTI360 was built on the principle that when you invest in talented people, great things will happen. Developing our teammates is the cornerstone of our culture, and we think it makes BTI360 a pretty sweet place to work.

Welcome Sponsor Solution Street!

SolutionStreet Welcome Bronze sponsor Solution Street. Here is why they are awesome!

Great Engineers + Great Communication = Successful Projects. We enjoy working with cutting edge technologies and providing solutions to complex business problems. Solution Street, based in Northern Virginia’s high-tech corridor, is an information technology consultancy that helps private, government, and non-profit organizations achieve their business goals through the design and rapid deployment of web applications. Solution Street is run by software engineers and our employees are experts in building large, highly scalable and well performing web applications using J2EE, .NET, PHP and Ruby on Rails technologies.

We're Back Dec 5th! DevIgnition 2014 - Elephant Talk!

For our fifth DevIgnition, we will devote the day to data analysis and manipulation, and especially feature the Hadoop/Spark ecosystem, hence the subtitle: Elephant Talk!

Speakers: We'll start with a keynote presentation by Doug Cutting, the creator of Hadoop and Lucene, and end with a closing keynote by Data Scientist Dr. Kirk Borne, Professor of Astrophysics and Computational Science at George Mason University. In between, we will feature technical presentations by expert data practioners.

The venue will once again be the awesome AOL HQ Conference Center, a great venue for technical community conferences like ours (Thanks, AOL!).

Same time as last year, Dec 5th, the first Friday in December.

Get Your 2014 Ticket Now!

You can buy tickets on our eventbrite page already. Just click here to purchase your day at DevIgntion 2014 - Elephant Talk, and get ready for a full day of great technical talks. Afterwards we will gather around the watering hole for a few drinks to discuss the how awesome Elephant Talk was!

Our 2014 Call for Presentations is Open!

You can read all about our Call for Speakers by clicking here. Keep in mind that not all of our talks will necessarily be about Hadoop and Spark. We plan to offer a very board range of talks of interest to anyone searching, visualizing, managing, or analyzing massive amounts of data. We want to hear your great presentation ideas.